Commercial Property Tax Relief

Make sure you are claiming the full value of your capital allowance tax relief.

We know from experience many owners and users of commercial property vastly underestimate the definition of plant for capital allowance purposes.

By using the services of specialist chartered surveyors and qualified tax advisors, it is possible to secure tax relief of up to 35% of acquisition costs and up to 70% of any refurbishment costs. Capital allowances are a tax deduction to allow for the wearing out of plant and machinery over time. Within buildings the tax definition of plant and machinery includes integral items, such as heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, alarm systems, lighting, sanitary ware and lift equipment. These are often overlooked by non specialist accountants.

Working with specialist tax advisors and Chartered Surveyors, we can identify and categorise all the assets that will qualify for capital allowances, and therefore reduce the UK tax liability of the owners or users of commercial property.

This service includes the identification and valuation of the assets qualifying for capital allowances, a detailed valuation report to be included within you tax returns and negotiation with HMRC to agree the claim (if required).

We offer our clients a free of charge initial consultation and review

Fees are a modest percentage of the value of the tax relief uncovered. Fees are always discussed and agreed in advance so you will always be better off using this specialist service, rather than not.

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