Stamp Duty Land Tax

Stamp Duty liability is often wrongly calculated, resulting in overpaid tax.

By simply using the government tax calculator to establish your liability, many factors that can reduce your tax bill are overlooked. Our specialist tax surveyor can help you correct your mistakes and claim your refund.

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax is overly complex.  It’s calculated on a tiered system and surcharge can apply in some cases. There are a raft of different exceptions, reliefs, and qualifying criteria to consider.
  • Incredibly, HMRC’s Stamp Duty calculator doesn’t include most of the exceptions, meaning by simply following its simplistic approach the calculations can be wrong.
  • As a result, solicitors who use this tool to calculate a stamp duty fee, cannot readily identify the exemptions that reduce the tax liability, and too much Stamp Duty is often paid.
  • Our regulated tax surveyor can assess every aspect of your property purchase, to ensure you have paid the correct tax.  This can produce substantial Stamp Duty refunds.

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