Stamp Duty & Land Tax

Stamp Duty is complex. It’s calculated on a ‘stepped’ system and frequently, unwarranted surcharges can be applied.

There’s a raft of different exceptions, reliefs and qualifying criteria that are regularly overlooked. It’s not helped by the fact that HMRC’s Stamp Duty calculator doesn’t include most of the exceptions, meaning the total calculated can be wrong. As a result, solicitors who use this tool can inadvertently miss the opportunity to reduce the tax bill, and too much Stamp Duty is paid.

Unfortunately, you only have a limited period of time from the purchase date to register a claim for a refund, so the clock is ticking.

Our service includes specialist tax advisers and valuers who will fully assess the purchase to calculate the correct amount of Stamp Duty that should have been paid. If you have overpaid, a claim can be made on your behalf.

The service works on a ‘success fee’ basis, so there is nothing to lose by checking to see if you have the right to a legitimate refund.

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