Are you missing out on an HMRC tax refund?

We help you reduce your tax bill or obtain cash rebates from HMRC, by maximising your capital allowance and research & development tax relief entitlement

We will establish your right to make a claim during an initial free of charge consultation – there are no fees if a claim cannot be made

Capital Allowances; You can typically secure tax relief of up to 40% of your purchase costs for commercial property and up to 80% tax allowances for refurbishment and refit costs

Research and Development tax credits; Typically our clients claim a cash refund of 26% of their R&D costs over the previous two tax periods, and 26% tax credits for future claims. If your company is loss making you may obtain a cash refund of up to 33%


Tax Relief – Commercial Properties

Research & Development – Tax Relief

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Have you overpaid your taxes by not claiming your full capital allowance entitlement?
  • Capital allowances are a tax relief opportunity for owners and occupiers of commercial property
  • Within buildings the tax definition of capital allowances includes such items as heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, alarms, kitchens, lighting, sanitary ware and lift equipment
  • Using specialist chartered surveyors and qualified tax advisors we identify and claim from HMRC all your qualifying assets
  • The majority of property owners and their accountants vastly underestimate the definition of plant for capital allowance purposes
  • Capital allowances are available for acquisitions, refurbishment and new builds. We typically identify as qualifying plant 25% – 40% of the acquisition value and up to 80% for refit and refurbishment costs
  • Fees are based on a modest commission directly relating to the value of qualifying tax relief secured
  • With our free of charge initial review you have nothing to lose by reviewing your capital allowance entitlement with us
  • Contact us now to arrange a free consultation; 0207 846 1974
Would you like a cash refund paid into your corporate bank account by identifying your eligible R & D expenditure?
  • Your business could benefit from a cash refund from HMRC
  • Cash refunds paid directly into corporate bank accounts
  • Relief is available for expenditure on enhancing existing processes and software development
  • Fees are based on the actual level of tax relief secured which in effect means a no win no fee situation
  • R&D tax relief is available across a wide range of business activities and is a vastly underutilised entitlement. Refunds of 26% for profitable companies and 33% for loss making companies are standard
  • We offer a free of charge initial review so you have nothing to lose
  • Due to our preferred suppliers specialist knowledge we offer second opinion reviews of existing claims
  • There are time restrictions on this entitlement so it’s important you take steps to review your right to an R&D claim as soon as possible
  • Contact us now to arrange a free consultation; 0207 846 1974

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